including working for
Excelcomindo Pratama Astra International Mustika Ratu PWC Van Zorge Heffernan & Associates ABB London Sumatra Inco BBE Private Institutions and individuals


Over the past 15 years since 2002.



To restructure management, streamline operations, enhance corporate governance, and improve overall company performance.


A special task force was set up to gather business intelligence, conduct background checks, due diligence, undercover work and form a security department. All with a eye to identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, both internal and external, and to then pass the findings and recommendations to management and shareholders.


After our initial findings were presented, we were given absolute authority to carry out and implement our action plan on behalf of the management and shareholders.

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The special task force evaluated the management system and how it protected its assets. Weaknesses were identified in both hardware, such as physical assets, and software, for example standard operating procedures. Assessments were made across all management departments, such administration contracts, procurement, warehousing, transportation, human resources development, general services, finance, and compliance.

The special task force identified lack of control in all departments. Based on the information attained, select employees underwent special interviews to obtain reliable information about the inner workings of the management, and pinpoint any wrong –doings that led to white collar crimes.

The pre-existing system of reward and deterrence was ineffective. We were able to reform and enhance this system by enforcing a fail safe operational code which would eradicate violations of procedures.

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Over the past 15 years since 2002, including working for :

  • Excelcomindo Pratama (Telecommunication)
  • Astra International (Automotive)
  • Mustika Ratu (Cosmetics)
  • PWC (Auditing)
  • Van Zorge, Heffernan & Associates (Consultant)
  • ABB (Heavy Equipment)
  • London Sumatra (Plantations)
  • Inco (Nickel)
  • BBE (Coal)
  • Private Institutions and individuals (Information and Data)



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    Over the past 15 years since 2002.

  • 01/01/2002 31/12/2016
  • PRIVATE-SECTOR CLIENTS As a consultant

    Successes in a wide range of businesses predominantly multinational: mining, transportation, oil services, private investment, advisory institutions, plantations, security, auditing, automotive industry, manufacturing, telecommunications, cafe and restaurant. Successful in management restructuring and streamlining operations for foreign majority shareholders in the areas of financial forensics, asset tracing and recovery, fraud investigation, security, collecting reliable information, conducting special interviews to identify malpractices, and due diligence on environmental and ethnic issues.

  • 01/01/1986 12/31/2001

    Successes in a variety of government institutions: Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia (as a specialist in financial forensics and tracing of assets), Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (as an expert staff, head of forensic and asset tracing, and advisor), National Resilience Institute (as a researcher), and National Intelligence Agency (as an analyst). Successful in setting up a new system for investigating white collar crime which included joint investigations between the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency and the Office of the Attorney-General, identifying overseas assets, collaborating with foreign embassies in Jakarta, developing and implementing a standard international system for tracing assets overseas, and working with U.S. Embassy and Federal Bureau of Investigation to conduct training programs for the government. Additional successes in analyzing political economic, ethnic and unemployment issues, and international affairs.

  • 01/01/1988 12/31/2004

    At Universities, Private Foundation and Defense Department: Lectured successfully on international marketing, international business, international political economy, international management, multinational companies, international anarchy and security dilemmas, the process of democratization, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California, USA


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Political Science, major in World Politics and Comparative Politics.

The Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, California, USA


Master of Arts (MA) in International Studies.

De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines


Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business.


White Collar Crime. International Law Enforcement Academy, Bangkok, Thailand


Advanced Economic Intelligence and Analysis Seminar. Washington, D.C., USA


Intelligence Analysis. Washington, D.C., USA




  • Surveillance of individuals suspected of malpractice.
  • Through established networks, ability to identify where embezzled money has been divested.
  • Individual profiling, to build a picture of an individual’s positive and negative qualities.
  • Analysis of ‘off the radar’ political economic issues that impact on local communities.
  • Positive energy therapy to energize human body elements.



PT ABB Sakti Industri employs Mr. Roy Basoeki of R&B Associates as a consultant during the year 2004 and 2005 for the investigation activities of asset recovery from its customer.
It is our opinion that Mr. Roy Basoeki has conducted the investigation and pursuit of the said asset in a professional manner. We are satisfied with the best recommendation that he offered in regards of the asset recovery.

Van Zorge, Heffernan & Associates employed Mr. Roy Basoeki as a consultant during the year 2004 to assist with an investigation activities, such as due diligence work and data collection for certain companies.
Mr. Roy Basoeki conducted the investigation professionally and effectively and we are very satisfied with the results and recommendations.

PT Mustika Ratu Tbk employed Mr. Roy Basoeki during June 16th until June 28th 2003 to investigate allegations of insider transactions between PT Mustika Ratu Tbk and its directors and management.
Mr. Roy Basoeki conducted the investigation professionally and effectively and we are satisfied with the results and recommendations.

PT Astra International Tbk employed Mr. Roy Basoeki as consultant during May 2003 to assist with an investigation into certain business transactions affecting a subsidiary company.
Mr. Roy Basoeki conducted the investigation professionally and effectively and we are very satisfied with the results and recommendations.

Mr. Roy Basoeki has worked as consultant to our company to improve the Internal Business Security System.
The project was completed between March-September 2002. During the said period the company has implemented and achieved improvements in following areas :

  • Access Security in the Head Office and Branch Offices
  • Document Safekeeping
  • Pro-active deterrence of potential fraudulence activities
We were satisfied with the result of the project and that the project has been completed within the agreed schedule.

In my capacity as the World Bank's Principal Financial Advisor in Jakarta Indonesia, I first met Mr. Roy Basoeki upon his beginning work at IBRA in late 1999. Roy was initially charged with organizing the Forensics and Asset Tracing Unit at IBRA (hereinafter 'FORSAT'). Roy infact recruited a number of local staff, organized an office premise separate from IBRA's and embarked upon a widespread campaign to seek donor funding for training and to forge working relationships with other nation's authorities.
Prior to Roy's arrival at IBRA, the World Bank had begun discussions with IBRA on the strengthening of its capabilities in the (new) areas of bank fraud investigations, assets tracing and litigation support through a multi-disciplinary technical assistance initiative. Owing to a number of factors, finalizing the terms of reference (ToR) to support IBRA in this endeavor took a considerable time.
As we progressed towards launching the tender, it became apparent that markedly different views existing in country as to the value of IBRA's pursuit of potential bank fraud related investigations. In response, the World Bank and government agreed to stop processing the technical assistance facility before it was formally launched.
Mr. Basoeki proved a helpful, responsive interlocutor with whom I often met during his tenure as the Director of the Forensic and Asset Tracing (FORSAT) unit.

Mr. Ramayanto "Roy" Basoeki, a forensic and asset tracing expert was seconded from the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA) to assist the Attorney General's Office during my tenure.
In the course of his activities he developed a new working system between the Attorney General's Office and the Indonesia Bank Restructuring Agency, to conduct investigations into overseas assets owned by alleged corruptors and recalcitrant debtors, obtaining full support from foreign governments and international donor organizations in Jakarta.
As a professional, he has been found conscientious, strong-willed and hardworking. I have no hestitation in recommending Roy in the highest possible terms to any future employer.

Mr. Ramayanto "Roy" Basoeki is an expert in forensic and asset tracing at the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA). He was my Expert Staff and Head of Forensic and Asset Tracing (FORSAT).
During his service with the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA), he gave an outstanding performance. His reputation was well recognized by the international community. He was able to form an international standard of investigations that endeavoured to trace assets overseas owned by Indonesian debtors who have not revealed these assets. He developed a remarkable networking operation with foreign governments through their embassies and international financial institutions in Jakarta.
I know him as a hardworking, self motivated, achievement oriented and professional person. He was honest and sincere, I have no hestitation in recommending Roy to a future employer.

  • Henry Tilaar
  • Division Manager
    ABB (PT ABB Sakti Industri)
  • James Van Zorge

  • Van Zorge, Heffernan & Associates
  • Putri Kuswisnuwardani
  • Vice President Director
    PT Mustika Ratu Tbk
  • John S.A. Slack
  • Finance Director
    PT Astra International Tbk
  • T. Indarto Surjo
  • Director HR & Support Services
    PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk
  • Michael Edwards
  • Principal Financial Advisor
    The World Bank
  • Marzuki Darusman S.H.
  • Former Attorney General Of The Republic Of Indonesia
  • Glenn M.S. Yusuf
  • Former Chairman
    Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA)